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Moderator Application ChillGaming YT

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Moderator Application ChillGaming YT

Post by ChillGaming on Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:12 pm

In-Game-name : ChillGaming YT

First Name: Marius

Age: 14

What will you do to help the servers?: I want to be mod, because I like to help people and like to punish the rule breaks.
New people are my biggest target of help like if they don't know how to play DARKRP or something, I like sorting problems to the best of my ability and I just miss the whole helping everyone one, sorting out NLR'S, RDM and so on!
Everytime I am on the server I see mods not doing there job and just being abusive and the admins working there ass off! They need someone who knows what they're doing and can help them and take the stress of them, because it can be really stressful working as an admin/mod.
I have had experience working as a mod and higher as I was Head Admin on a server called RpGaming which has now turned over to TTT so I left, I also had my own server for a while so I shall be making suggestions on things that will help the server out! I want to be that person people call upon and know I always work to help the community and make places a happy and fun place to be in! At first I didn't want to be staff just because of how stressful and demanding it can be but I really do miss helping everyone and as I was being helped today I could see the admins struggling with the requests and asked if the server was in need of help as I know what I'm doing and 2 people asked me to apply for mod and work up to admin. I love this server and want to help it in anyway I can!

Estimated(guess) time on the server(how long you have been on the server and how long you can be online a day)? im playng on this server for 2 hours and i can play 3 hours per day or more

Were you invited by any member of staff? If yes, who?:Yes by Ollie

What position are you applying for(Mod,Helper,Developer: Mod

How will you do the specific role you are applying for well? I protect the server from hacker and Rule Break and that's why I came to be a mod on your own server just for her and protect against Tzitrim rule break because as I said

Which server are you applying for? (Minecraft,DARKP,

Have you been a member of staff on any other servers?(Yes/No) If yes, write their name as well: Yes Werwolf Gaming and ZARP

Do you have a mic?: Yes.

Gender?(Male/Female) Male

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Re: Moderator Application ChillGaming YT

Post by wunderwaffle on Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:14 pm

Denied. Copied and pasted.

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Re: Moderator Application ChillGaming YT

Post by lolfish991 on Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:46 pm

good mod app but most of the people who come on are getting mod,so that will have to be put into account but all in all good app +/-1 Im in the middle

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Re: Moderator Application ChillGaming YT

Post by Sponsored content

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