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Ranks on the servers.

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Ranks on the servers.

Post by wunderwaffle on Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:48 pm

NOTE:If your staff application is accepted you will get the rank Trial-Mod.

Staff Ranks

Trial-Mod: Has some basic commands like kick, ban, jail, freeze, goto and bring. (and seeasay which lets you see messages when people call an admin with @)This rank is like a contractor as if it was a real life job, you can get removed easily if you are not doing your job properly.

Moderator: This means you have made it into the staff team officially. You will get a lot more commands- kick, ban, freeze, jail, spectate, ignite, cloak, slay, noclip, slap, goto, bring, send (teleports one player to another) and much more.

Trial-Admin: This has a LOT of commands and also is not considered a "contractor" job.

Admin: This rank means you have access to most commands, including spawning guns and stuff.

Super-Admin: This rank has nearly all of the commands.[/color]

Co-Owner: This rank has pretty much every command excepting a select few.

Owner: This rank has all of the commands. Obviously.

Helper Ranks

These ranks have a couple of commands and are also trusted.

Helper: Has commands like noclip and kick.

Developer: Has most of the commands and a select few of the commands that only the owner has.

Misc Ranks

User: No commands.

Respected: Is trusted more.

Trusted: Can votekick.

NOTE: You don't have to make another application when you are Trial-Mod. You get promoted for doing your job well. Expect to get promoted to Moderator rapidly, but the other promotions will take time. To get Trusted/Respected, you don't apply either.

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